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Aloe Products in USA

About Aloe Vera distribution

We are the world's largest growers and producers of Aloe and have a patented stabilisation process, ensuring our aloe is essentially identical to the inner leaf gel. Freshness is therefore assured. Our aloe is also free from herbicides, pesticides, pasteurisation, freeze-drying and heat treatment.

The key to our success is that we don't simply add a few drops of Aloe to our products, we start with 100% inner gel and add just enough other ingredients as needed. Poor diet, stress, caffeine, over-processed foods etc. can all lead to less than tip-top health. Aloe, with its wealth of essential nutrients can help redress the balance.

Aloe Benefits

Our pure Aloe drinks are probably the best daily tonic known to man. They are meticulously tested to assure you of consistent effective benefits. Our Aloe Gel is being clinically trialled at Morriston Hospital, Swansea in the treatment of IBS.

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